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CinePro – An iPhone App You Need to Check Out

May 23, 2012

I used to tote around my Canon D-SLR camera with me everywhere. Interchangeable lens, external flash, batteries, CF cards, and the whole deal. Then something crazy happened. I got an iPhone 4 years ago, and the camera I have used 95% of the time is not my Canon D-SLR but my iPhone. Having said that, I’ve looked for great camera apps for creative iphonography and enjoyed great new developments in recent years.

However, I haven’t seen many apps that address iphone videography. That is, until now.

A friend of mine has been developing an app that will give your iPhone professional features for video capturing and editing.  CinePro, which launched just yesterday, is the iPhone videographer’s one-stop app. Whether a novice capturing home video or looking to for mobile videography to share on social networks, this app delivers on numerous levels, including adjustments for exposure, ISO, filters, aspect ratio, frame rate, focal length, and white balance. How cool is that? Additionally, you can share directly from the app to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or upload it to a Dropbox account.

For a limited time, the CinePro app is available 60% off at just $1.99. If you are looking to expand your videography potential via the iPhone, that’s two bucks worth investing. After all, how often are you going to be carrying around your D-SLR or camcorder? 🙂

Word Lens Is a Game Changer

December 17, 2010

The iPhone has empowered my life in a number of ways, not the least of which is an all-in-one gadget.  It is my phone, alarm clock, GPS, calendar, iPod, camera, jump drive, dictaphone, web browser, reader, video camera, scanner, Bible, and a host of other things, many of which I used on a daily basis.  The kinds of things the iPhone can do is truly remarkable, and of the most remarkable things to come out is the Word Lens app.  Check out this video:

Currently, you can go from English to Spanish and vice-versa, and I believe more languages are coming out in the future.  I am already thing about the missiological implications of such an app.  Interpreters and translators can look at notes in one language and check out the translation into another language.  Personally, I find myself logistically planning for mission work in other countries where documents and correspondence requires translation.  To think that simply holding my iPhone camera up to the text for an interpretation baffles me.  And excites me.

This app indeed is a game changer and one which makes me all the more glad I have an iPhone.

Best iPhone Apps for 2009 – Results from Twitter

December 22, 2009

This afternoon, I asked iPhone users on Twitter (who follow me) what were their favorite apps for 2009.  There are several here that I had never heard of that I will need to check out.  The ones with parenthesis received multiple responses.  Here they are, organized according to functionality: