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Richard Sibbes in Review

January 31, 2008

Below is a compilation of posts on Richard Sibbes covered here on P&P as part of the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge. Later tonight, I have scheduled the final post for January, the open thread where you will have an opportunity to post your thoughts on The Bruised Reed. I look forward to hearing how the book has impacted your life and/or ministry!

Richard Sibbes in Review

1. Who Is Richard Sibbes?
2. Richard Sibbes on the Webb
3. What Others Have Said about Richard Sibbes
4. Blogspotting the Puritan Challenge, 1
5. Puritan Reading Challenge Book Giveaway (January)
6. About Those Bruised Reeds – Discussion 1
7. Osteen Endorses the Puritan Reading Challenge
8. About Those Smoking Flax – Discussion 2
9. Interview with Mark Dever on Richard Sibbes (download here)
10. Blogspotting the Puritan Challenge, 2
11. “What Does Your Heart Say About Christ?” Sibbes and Piper on the Affections
12. The Bruised Reed Since 1630
13. Mining the Works of Richard Sibbes
14. What Shall We Say Then? – Discussion 3
15. Don’t Be Cruel to a Heart That’s True, Says Sibbes

** Calling for Truth Radio Show – Richard Sibbes and The Bruised Reed (download here)