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I’ve Got a Confession to Make

January 4, 2008


Here goes.

I like Tim Challies.

And I endorse his book.

Even though he is a Canadian.

And no, he did not ask me to write this.

But seriously, all this jib-jab about Tim’s book release is immature and unwarranted. The fact that God has used Tim in such a way in the past five years through blogging, reading, and writing should be a cause for rejoicing, not credential-checking. I have had the privilege of getting to know Tim offline and in person since the first Band of Bloggers where I had him, JT, and Drs. Mohler and Moore on the panel. After the T4G conference, I spent the day riding around town, having lunch, and perusing bookstores with Tim and his pastor, Tall Paul (Martin). Since then, we have met on several occasions, including the 06 DGNC and 07 NA Conference as well as correspond via phone on a regular basis. I say all that to say Tim is a humble, genuine brother in Christ who is seeking to honor God and serve his fellow Christians with the gifts and talents God has given him.

The success of his book will not depend upon those who have endorsed it or the size of his blog; rather, it will be a reflection of what Tim has done day in and day out as a personal discipline and practice. Rather than engaging in knee-jerk reactions to fleeting controversies to build a readership, Tim has built, not only his blog, but also The Discerning Reader upon substantive reviews of books that Christians are currently reading. I have never seen Tim try to prostitute his blog for influence or promote himself for popularity. Rather, he has consistently sought to draw attention to other bloggers and use his influence to bring greater exposure to their lesser known blogs. No, he does not have the pomp of a Ph.D or the credentials of a megachurch pastor. To the contrary, I have found Tim to be a normal guy like you and me.

And that is why I find the criticisms so ironic. It is not from the elitists of academia challenging him, but his fellow bloggers and blog readers. If you ask me if I have read his book, I will tell you that I have not. But what I have read and watched is his life, and in my book, that’s credentials enough for me.