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Tim Keller on the Nature of a Missional Church

February 17, 2011

From his lecture “Contextual and Missional” at Urban Plant Life Conference in London, Tim Keller talks about the nature of a missional church:

A missional church gears absolutely every single part of its life–its worship, community, public discourse and preaching education–for the presence of non-believers from the culture surrounding it. A missional church’s congregation reflects the demographic make-up of the surrounding community–and therefore it gives non-Christian neighbors attractive and challenging glimpses of what they would look like as Christians.  A missional church’s worship is ‘evangelistic’ in the sense that it makes sense to non-believers in that culture, even while it challenges and shapes people with the gospel. A missional church’s people are outwardly focused, so involved in the local community, and so alert for every opportunity to point people toward Christ, that evangelism happens naturally through relationships.  Because of the attractiveness of its community, the contextual nature of its message, and humility of its people, a missional church will discover significant numbers of people always in the midst, ‘incubating’ and exploring Christianity.  It must welcome them in hundreds of ways.  It will do little to make them ‘comfortable’ but will do everything to make its gospel message understandable.

POTW :: Tim Keller Reader

December 19, 2010

Last week, we had around 55 folks sign up for the Tim Keller Reading Group.  This is a picture of my reader (roughly 250 pages) that I had bound at the local OfficeMax.  Not bad for $5. I’ll be wearing this out over the next four months. If you’re interested and haven’t joined, go here for more information.

Missional Made Simple

October 12, 2010

Yeah, yeah, I know. Missional is a buzz word that everybody uses but rarely defines.  If missional church is hard to define, then missional community can be even more difficult to understand (and distinguish from your typical small groups).

Insert these two little videos, which I think provide an accurate and fair assessment of missional church and missional communities.  Check them out.

Missional Church Made Simple

Missional Community Made Simple

The Missional Church

February 1, 2010

A short, helpful, general explanation.

Check Out Rethink Mission

August 23, 2009

Rethink MissionA great new website was launched last week geared towards inspiring gospel-centered, missional churches by Jonathan McIntosh called Rethink Mission.  If you don’t know Jonathan, you need to, and if you haven’t bookmarked Rethink Mission, you’ll want to.  For a good introduction to what this site is all about, be sure to read Jonathan’s answers to what is a gospel-centered church and what is a missional churchOn the blog, Jonathan has begun a three-part interview with Darrin Patrick, lead pastor of The Journey (St. Louis) about missional preaching (read part 1 here).

Jonathan has been instrumental in the development of solid missional DNA at The Journey with a passion for church planting and gospel-centered living.  I’m grateful to see a resource-rich websites like this coming out that focuses on the matrix of the local church, the mission of God, the centrality of the gospel, and engagement of culture.

Check it out.