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Resources on the New Birth

December 4, 2007

The new birth, or regeneration, is an important doctrine for those who consider themselves to be “born-again Christians.” I would like to point you to two resources of late that have focused on this particular subject.

1. The Free Grace Broadcaster, a quarterly publication of Mt. Zion Chapel Library (Pensacola, FL), has their current issue (Winter 2007) focusing on the new birth. Here are the table of contents:

a. “The New Birth Defined” by William Plumer
b. “The Spirit That Breathes Life” by Octavius Winslow
c. “The Necessity of the New Birth” by Arthur W. Pink
d. “Biblical Terms of the New Birth” by John Gill
e. “New Birth, Repentance, and Faith” by James Buchanan
f. “New Birth, New Creature” by Octavius Winslow
g. “The Marks of the New Birth” by J.C. Ryle
h. “The Eternal and Efficient Cause of the New Birth” by John Gill
i. “The New Birth and the Preacher’s Obligation” by John Owen
j. “The Necessity of the Spirit’s Work” by C.H. Spurgeon

2. John Piper has recently started a series on the new birth entitled, “You Must Be Born Again.” Piper explains, “We will begin with “What Is Regeneration?” The other messages will deal with: Why is it necessary? How does it happen? What are the evidences that it has happened?” To date, Piper has preached three messages:

a. “You Must Be Born Again
b. “What Happens in the New Birth?” Part 1
c. “What Happens in the New Birth?” Part 2

Stay tuned to Desiring God’s blog for updates on future messages in this series.