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Blue Collar Theology 27: IX Marks e-Journal

May 5, 2008

One of the most valuable online resources dealing with contemporary issues in a topic manner is the IX Marks e-Journal. Every two months, IX Marks Ministries comes out with a great series of articles addressing a particular issue and includes very helpful book reviews on current popular works as well. In their latest issue (May/June 2008), the journal contains a series of Sunday school lessons on what it means to live together as a church. Jonathan Leeman writes,

There’s plenty of material out there on living the Christian life. But there’s not so much, from what we can tell, on living together as a church.

To help with that deficit, 9Marks is using this issue to present pastors and churches with what we believe is a useful tool, a short class on living together as a local church. If you’ve never provided your congregation with an opportunity to meditate together on what it means to live together as a church, we hope you’ll take a look at this material. Teach it yourself; let a young man you’re discipling teach it; or let it prompt you to write your own class.

Below are the lessons:

Also included in the journal are some good articles and reviews, including:

You can go check out the entire e-journal online or download it in a PDF format. Those of you embracing the vision of Blue Collar Theology in your church would be well served by subscribing and benefiting from the great resources provided by IX Marks Ministries.