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Burn Hot, Burn Bright My Little Fire

May 7, 2009

Family and friends, join me in praying for my second son Aiden (whose name means “little fire”), due today:

Giver of life,

My heart is melting with joy in the gift of another son whose every breath comes from you and whose days were numbered before time.  You have entrusted to me the soul of this life, and I pray by your grace I will steward it well by shepherding him with a passion for the supremacy of Christ.  Father, I ask that you will use me to fan into flame this litte fire that he may burn hot and bright with a zeal for your name.  I ask that you create in his affections a jealousy for your glory that cannot be quenched by small victories for your kingdom.  May he never be satisfied with merely the benefits of the gospel, but I ask that he might be overwhelmed by the glory of God in the face of Christ.  Lord, I want him to see you with with eyes of faith that behold the beauty of Jesus and cannot help but be changed into His likeness.

Father, there are peoples who have yet to praise your name, people whom you promised would one day fall before the feet of Jesus with tongues to sing of his infinite worth.  I pray Aiden will be an instrument in your hands to bring about the desires of your heart through the in-breaking of your kingdom as the reign of Christ advances in the faithful proclamation of your gospel. May he love your church, the bride of Christ, and give himself in the cause of her purity and progress. Make him one who understands and embraces that dying is gain only when in living Christ is all.

Spare him, merciful Father, from the errors I have committed and cause him to be exceedingly more useful in your service than I could ever dream.  When he encounters frowning providences, may your smile gladden his heart.  Whatever it is you have in store for him, I ask that you will be his portion and delight so that none rivals, no idols, no other lovers can put out that fire deep down in his soul.  Do it, O Lord, I pray for the sake of Jesus and His fame.