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The Whole Big Story | Kristen Gilles

April 24, 2012

Sojourn Music has continually delivered unique offerings of gospel rich music, but perhaps none have been more unique than their newest release by singer/songwriter Kristen Gilles and her husband Bobby.  The Whole Big Story is a 4-track album released today that focuses on the whole sweep of redemptive history–Christ’s work from creation to redemption to consummation.  To get a glimpse of the verses that inspired these songs, check out this blogpost by Bobby. Explaining the nature of this album, they write:

Taken together, the songs on The Whole Big Story tell God’s story from creation to the Second Coming and Christ’s reign in the New Earth.

These songs teach that Christ’s sacrifice wasn’t simply akin to throwing himself in front of a bullet for us (as brave and noble as that would be), but rather that He is the Lord of all Creation who willingly died on His own tree, having known and determined to do so before creation’s dawn.

These songs teach a crucial, blessed difference between Old Testament worship and our reality — that we don’t have to wait once a year for an appointed priest to pray and offer sacrifice for our sins, but that we can boldly go before God’s throne all the time. Christ’s sacrifice has “torn the veil.”

These songs show that Jesus cast Satan from the sky, tied him up and crushed his head. Now, the Holy Spirit is sweeping through the earth and Christ is adding to His Church as the demons helplessly roar, knowing how this story will end. Christ will come again, bringing His people back to set up a kingdom wherein “love will cover all the earth, in the kingdom without end.”

I have been listening to these songs all weekend and highly recommend them to you. These tracks can be downloaded for free via Noisetrade or you can get them via bandcampas well for just $2.  For worship leaders and musicians, Bobby and Kristen have also made chord charts, lyrics, and instructional videos for how to play these songs (which I think is pretty awesome). Here’s the direct links:

Thank you Bobby and Kristen for using your gifts and talents to serve the body of Christ and draw us into the whole story of God’s glorious work of redemption through the person and work of Jesus!