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Sam Rainer on Regenerate Church Membership

June 16, 2008

A couple of months ago, Sam Rainer shared the story of how his church is pursuing integrity in church membership.  While referring to the massive disparity between membership statistics and church attendance in the SBC at large, Rainer shared the following:

Our church is no different. In fact, we are one of the worst offenders. Our membership was inflated by a factor of 6 when compared with average attendance. We had 11 (yes, that’s eleven) categories of members, including the following: inactive possible, inactive likely, inactive unlikely, non-resident unknown, non-resident known. . . . While God has provided growth to our church and the membership gap has closed some, the spread between “member” and “active churchgoer” remains large. Needless to say, we decided to do a little spring cleaning this year. We’re still working through the process, but I’ll share some tips that worked in my church in restoring integrity to membership.

In his article, he provides eight tips they have developed in the process of starting their “spring cleaning”.  They are:

1. Love the people.
2. Start a new members’ class.
3. Follow-up is critical.
4. Clean the rolls in stages.
5. Enlist key members in the church.
6. Challenge Sunday School/small groups/connect groups to help in the process.
7. Take it slow: Without sounding redundant – TAKE IT SLOW!
8. Parallel an outwardly-focused missions strategy with the process of cleaning the rolls.

You can read the entire article by going here.