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Steve Camp Addresses Mark Driscoll . . . in Repentance

April 1, 2009

“[M]y heart was not right towards my brother in Christ. I should have been more gracious, charitable and balanced in my words when commenting about his ministry in the Lord. In my zeal to champion reformed biblical theology which I deeply believe, I was blinded to the prideful log in my own eye while blogging about the speck in my brother’s eye. For this, I sincerely ask the readers of this blog and those associated with Mark and Mars Hill Church to please forgive me. I have already asked this of Mark privately and he has been most kind to extend to me a heart of mercy. It is my desire to always speak the truth in love and to not carelessly amputate another in that process.”

– Steve Camp [Source]

Thank you, Steve, for displaying gospel humility and seeking to promote the unity for which Christ prayed and died.  May the kingdom of Christ advance as we channel our energies on proclaiming, commending, and defending the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.