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The First Order of Business Is to Know the Gospel

October 23, 2008

Thabiti Anywabile, in his excellent little book What Is a Healthy Church Member? has a chapter on being gospel-saturated that is work the price of the entire book.  Allow me to post an excerpt where Anyabwile express the importance and definition of the gospel.

“The first order of business is to know the gospel . . .

The gospel or good news of Jesus Christ is that God the Father, who is holy and righteous in all his ways, is angry with sinners and will punish sin.  Man, who disobeys the rule of God, is alienated from the love of God and is in danger of an eternal and agonizing condemnation at the hands of God.  But God, who is also rich in mercy, because of his great love, sent his eternal Son born by the Virgin Mary, to die as a ransom and a substitute for the sins of rebellious people.  And now, through the perfect obedience of the Son of God and his willing death on the cross as a payment for our sins, all who repent and believe in Jesus Christ, following him as Savior and Lord, will be saved from the wrath of God to come, be declared just in his sight, have eternal life, and receive the Spirit of God as a foretaste of the glories of heaven with God himself.”

– Thabiti Anyabwile, What Is a Healthy Church Member? (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2008), 40-41.

So . . . if you gave your church members 60 seconds to explain the gospel, could they give a similar response?