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Libere 2012: A 40 Day Opportunity to Bless Haitian Orphans

November 22, 2011

Regulars here will know the amazing providence of God in forging a partnership with an indigenous network of church plants in Haiti under the direction of Odanis Joseph, whom God placed in our church family after the devastating earthquake in 2010.  Over the past two years, we have provided immediate relief to orphans, formed partnerships with domestic churches, held multiple conferences and seminars for theological education, and helped rebuild structures destroyed by the earthquake.

If 2010 was the year marked by an earthquake, 2011 was the year marked by disease, namely cholera.  Many of the churches are located in the region most severely affected by cholera, and this has resulted in even more orphaned children.  As of this month, the 13 churches in our network are daily caring for 1,572 orphans.

Our church stepped up after seeing the need for relief by providing a food supply and delivery system for all the children for this year (2011).  As this year began coming to a close, we realized the need has surpassed our ability to supply, and furthermore, we sensed a strong urgency to provide clean, safe drinking water for these children so that illness and death would not occur due to preventable diseases.

All of 1,572 orphans are under the direction of a local church and not only provided food and family structure but also education through orphans schools in the churches.  Neither the churches or the orphan schools have been funded through outside sources; however, the result has been woefully inadequate supply of resources and inability to support the teachers investing in the next generation without any compensation in return.

Recognizing these realities, we have sought to meet the three most basic needs of these orphans–food, clean water, and education–for  an entire year with the help of supporting churches, families, and friends.  These orphans and churches who are caring for them have no voice outside our ministry, and as a matter of stewardship, we want to make it known believing God is going to move upon the hearts of His people to generously give to these precious, needy children in Haiti.

Below is an info graphic of what Libere 2012 is all about. For the next 40 days, we are asking God to provide $65,000 to cover the basic needs of all 1,572 orphans for the next year (2012).  Here’s a summary:

We have partnered with Sawyer with the goal of providing 300 of their Point One Filtration Systems for these churches and communities.  For just $50, a family of ten can have a daily supply of safe drinking water, good for ten years.  For $400, an entire orphan school can be suited with clean, filtered drinking water for the children and workers.  Without the need of electricity or generators, these filters can be used just about anywhere, and we are excited to put them to use in these churches and orphan schools.

Would you consider supporting Libere 2012 with a donation?  I have never been one to ask publicly for your support, but this is a time and a cause that is heavy on my heart.  This time of year, I know many families are looking for opportunities to give rather than receive, and what better gift can you give a child than to know they will not worry about whether they will have a meal to eat or if the water they drink might lead to illness or death?  More than toys or dolls or games, these children need an opportunity to live and thrive in one of the poorest, most desperate places in the world.

If you would like to know more about Libere 2012, I will be blogging throughout the 40 Day Challenge at The Haiti Collective (our website dedicated to ministry in Haiti).  There you can also download images, learn about the churches, and get regular updates on how the challenge is being met by God’s people.

You can donate to Libere 2012 via major credit card or PayPal by clicking here: 

Church leaders, if you are interested in having your church “adopt” one of the 13 Haitian churches by donating $5,000, please let me know.  This will cover the food supply and deliver, water filtration systems, and education for an entire year for one church.  Already a couple of church leaders are pursuing this opportunity, and I would love to talk with others of you about it as well.

Thanks for allowing me to share this need with you.  Our hope is that, as we help alleviate the immediate pressure of survival, greater development in the community and the church can occur for greater self-sufficiency and long-term health.  May God own our efforts to love our Haitian brothers and sisters and care for the least of these among us!

Reflections on Haiti Mission (June 2011)

June 29, 2011

This past week, I had the privilege of taking a team from Bowling Green, KY to Haiti to partner with a church in Saint-Marc, Haiti (here’s a satellite image of the mountain village where the church gathers).  This was my third trip to Haiti in the past 9 months since we started our mission work under the direction of Pastor Joseph.  This trip was particularly significant because (1) it was the first trip where all the efforts were directly invested in one local church and (2) it was the first trip involving another church from the United States partnering with us (Grace Baptist Church).

God continues to bless and open doors for us in Haiti.  A year ago, I would not believed you had you told me I would be in Haiti three times.  Nine months ago, I did not know Christ Fellowship Bowling Green and only had brief correspondence with one of their pastors (Lance Parrott).  Since then, they have not only joined us in Haiti, but I feel like we have become genuine partners and co-laborers in gospel ministry in ways that only God could make possible.  I believe this is just the beginning of the kind of things God is doing to take the gospel in word and deed to this needy country.

Outside the pastors, everyone who went on the trip last week had their first cross-cultural missions experience, and they all did a wonderful job representing Christ in a rather challenging context and climate.  The church in Saint-Marc has amazing leadership, and their hospitality demonstrated towards us was truly humbling.  Every time I’m among the believers in these churches I feel like they have so much to teach me (and they always do!).


Haiti Bound

June 20, 2011

This morning, I’m leaving for my third trip to Haiti.  In case you’re wondering about how my relationship with Haiti got started, these posts will give you a good idea.  I’m particularly excited about this trip for two reasons:

1.  This is the first trip where I will be leading a team from another church to partner with the indigenous network of church plants in Haiti under the direction of Pastor Odanis Joseph.  The team is from Christ Fellowship Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and they are led by Pastors Lance Parrott and Jody Sledge.  Part of the vision with The Haiti Collective is to develop meaningful partnerships with American churches and Haitian churches, and CFBG is the first to take up the opportunity of joining us in Haiti.  Our field personnel is all Haitian pastors and church planters, and the work is raw, robust, and richly rewarding. 🙂

2.  We tailor the work we are doing based on the requests of leaders on the field, in particular pastors of the local church plant we will be ministering.  We will be working with a church plant in Saint-Marc, and the leaders’ request were (1) to assist them in advancing the gospel through community evangelism, (2) provide theological education of their leaders, and (3) join them in caring for their 100+ orphans in their orphan school. So that is exactly what we’re going to do.  In the morning block, we will be working with the orphans in the school; in the afternoon block, our team will partner with church members and translators to canvas the community with the gospel; also in the afternoon, Lance, Jody and I will be holding a six-session training for  pastors and church leaders on biblical ecclesiology (nature, purpose, marks, ordinances, leadership, discipline, etc.); and in the evening, we will be hosting evangelistic rallies each night where we will be preaching the gospel to any and everyone who will hear (like all good Calvinists do).

So together, we will be loving on orphans, training pastors on biblical church health, evangelizing the community, and preaching the gospel every evening.  YES.

Pray for us. Five of the seven going from CFBG are on their first mission trip overseas.  Haiti will ruin them (in a good way).  Pray for kingdom partnerships and gospel advance, safety from cholera and other diseases, and strength to endure under the summer heat and rainy season.  I look forward to coming back and reporting on what God will do this week.  I will likely be providing update via Facebook and Twitter (but not the blog).

And if you would like to learn more about working to encourage, strengthen, and serve gospel-centered Haitian church plants, holla.