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Triathlon Training Links 04.04.09

April 4, 2009

* 20 great reasons to do a triathlon
* Garmin Introduces New 405CX and 310XT Forerunner Watches (sweet!)
* Multi-sport surges in popularity
* Swim start photo gallery from 2008 season
* Reviewed: Timex Ironman Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor
* I received this from at least three people last week.
* 5 open water swimming tips
* 3 workouts to improve your run
* 3 super-charged early season cycling workouts
* Kevin Koskella (triswimcoach) announces his new waterproof swim drill cards
* How to structure a tri-swim workout
* The physiology of hard workouts and over-training
* The optimal running pace for men is 8.3 mph or a 7:13 min mile (interesting)
* Grant Hackett demonstrating the freestyle pull (from 1500m race)

* High-elbow recovery drills