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Triathlon Training Links 04.04.09

April 4, 2009

* 20 great reasons to do a triathlon
* Garmin Introduces New 405CX and 310XT Forerunner Watches (sweet!)
* Multi-sport surges in popularity
* Swim start photo gallery from 2008 season
* Reviewed: Timex Ironman Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor
* I received this from at least three people last week.
* 5 open water swimming tips
* 3 workouts to improve your run
* 3 super-charged early season cycling workouts
* Kevin Koskella (triswimcoach) announces his new waterproof swim drill cards
* How to structure a tri-swim workout
* The physiology of hard workouts and over-training
* The optimal running pace for men is 8.3 mph or a 7:13 min mile (interesting)
* Grant Hackett demonstrating the freestyle pull (from 1500m race)

* High-elbow recovery drills

POTW :: firsthaircut

March 13, 2009

View in Flickr (see it LARGE)

View in Flickr (see it LARGE)

View in Flickr (see it LARGE)

A couple of weeks ago, we took Nolan for his first haircut.  As you could imagine from the photos, it lasted all but of maybe five minutes.  The first and last photos are a before and after shot from the backseat of the car.  Things are going well on the family front, and Dusti is now 31 weeks in on baby Brister #2.  We still haven’t decided on a name, although several friends have proudly nominated their names in honorary fashion.

Tomorrow is a big day for me.  It’s my first attempt to complete a triathlon.  I’m generally in decent shape, but I have not trained regularly at all for this race, so I’m really nervous about how my body will perform.  The race starts Saturday morning at 8:00AM, and I am in the third wave to hit the water (@ 8:15am).  Plans are to leave Cape Coral at 2:00AM and drive four hours to Orlando and arrive just in time for registration, body marking, and walking through transitions.  I believe there will be a live-streaming of the race available here starting at 7:30AM.  And while I’m tempted to live-tweet the race, I think I will pass because I will be in survival mode most of the time. 🙂

Last but not least, I’ve got a favor to ask of you.  SBC Voices (actually Tony Kummer) is putting on the SBC Blog Madness where you vote for your favorite SBC blogs.  I’m in the “Eastern Division” and have to compete against the world-renowned iMonk.  So if you would be so kind as to go over there and vote for me, I’d really appreciate it!  Have a great weekend, everyone, and I’ll try to post some pics of the race soon.

Grace and peace.

Nine Things for 2009, Part 1

January 2, 2009

These are not necessarily “New Year’s Resolutions,” but they are some things that I hope to do this upcoming year.  I am that, over the course of this next year, other things will arise (they inevitably do!); however, these nine things have become my leading goals for this year.  Here are the first three . . .

1.  Read Through ESV Study Bible

My mother was kind enough to buy me the hardback version of the ESV Study Bible which I am going to use this year to read through the Bible.  Our church has posted the downloadable plan (PDF) for anyone interested in joining in (it’s not too late!).  Also, Eric Schumacher has provided a reading plan for the articles and introductions (PDF).  Finally, Justin Taylor shares how you can get any of the ESV reading plans set up as a daily podcast.  Guess I have no excuses now!

2.  Read Through Calvin’s Institutes

For those who may not be aware, 2009 marks the 500th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth.  Here is the reading schedule I am working with.  Reformation 21 will be “Blogging the Institutes” and Doug Wilson is providing a daily study guide to correspond with the reading.  Princeton Seminary has also made it available where you can get the daily reading of the Institutes on your mobile device.  I will blog on this later, but the Founders Study Center has also announced that you will able to study the Institutes with Dr. Timothy George (I will be doing this, Lord willing, with some men from Grace).

3.  Complete First Triathlon

I used to run. A lot. I just started cycling (six months ago). I like to swim.  Does that make me a potential triathlete?  I hope so.  I am going to attempt my first triathlon this year (Sprint length: 1/4 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 run).  If that goes well, I may attempt an Olympic triathlon (1/2 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 6.2 run). What really stinks is that almost all the races are on Sunday (here’s a directory of the multi-sport races in Florida for 2009). Talk about discrimination! There are a few on Saturday (but I will have to drive a long way).  My first attempt will be March 14 at the Wildman Triathlon Festival in Orlando.  Second attempt April 4 at Redhills Triathlon in Tallahassee or April 11 at Escape from Fort San DeSoto in St. Petersburg.  This boy turning 30 needs to get in shape. Bad.