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POTW :: bumbo!

May 3, 2008

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So I haven’t been able to do an update on the fam lately, so I thought I’d post a few more pics of Nolan in is bumbo seat.  Nolan recently had his four month appointment with the doc, and he is growing leaps and bounds (he is currently wearing 12 month clothing!).  Lots of laughs and funny faces, there is not a moment that passes where abundant joy is found in my heart because of my wife and son.

A major moment happened in my life this week (no, it was not the beat-down from my fellow Southern Baptists).   Monday night I went in to UPS for the last time, turned in my badge, and hung up my boots.  That night I walked in a little slower, breathed a little deeper, and reflected back on the past four years of my life as a third-shift employee at UPS.  This season of my life has been incredibly trying: physically, I usually was forced to go on one meal a day with about 4-5 hours of sleep; spiritually, I did not spend as much time as I would have liked in private prayer, silence and solitude, and other inner disciplines to cultivate communion with God; and personally, it was difficult spending so much time away from my wife and son.  Just going to bed together at night I no longer take for granted.

Nevertheless, God has done some wonderful things in my life.  Providentially, we have been provided tuition assistance and excellent health care through UPS–so good that we hardly ever spent a time.  Ministerially, God allowed me to invest in many of my co-workers, seeing several of them come to Christ.  I don’t think I will miss the strenuous lifestyle of a third-shifter, but I will certainly miss the relationships with so many people there.  I pray that God will raise up many more of His children to go into the night to reach the people who live in darkness (literally and spiritually).  They are, in my mind, the most unreached people of Louisville, and most churches don’t even know it because they live ghost-like lives (awake when they are asleep and vice-versa).

Another recent happening was my trip to Cape Coral to do a little house hunting.  The thing I heard over and over again was, “And your wife let you go and pick out a house without her being here?!”  Technically yes, but I did post over 600 photos online for her to view, so basically she got the virtual tour with my personal commentary.  We placed an offer on a home this past Tuesday, and we are praying that things will work out.  Obviously, this is a big matter, so if you think about it, we would also appreciate your prayers as well.

On another, totally unrelated note, I want to apologize to those of you who are regular readers and are not Southern Baptist for the events of this past week on my blog.  I normally do not delve into political issues related to the SBC for reasons seen in the article I wrote and the responses it received.  The SBC, while it is something I deeply care about, is but one portion of what makes up this blog, and I do hope that you find the programming and content of P&P worth your time and interest.

Next week, we go down to Alabama to visit the family, and we are excited about that opportunity of extended time together.  My older brother and his wife are expecting their first son, Beau, which I am sure Nolan is really pumped about (he told me this in our secret language).

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend and Lord’s Day!