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Mining the Works of Richard Sibbes

January 26, 2008

As we are nearing the end of reading Richard Sibbes’ The Bruised Reed, I thought I’d provide you a topical smattering of other works by the “sweet dropper.” Perhaps this might encourage you to save up and buy his seven-volume Works. 🙂

On Assurance:

The Matchless Love and Inbeing. Vol. 6, 383-412.
Salvation Applied. Vol. 5, 385-408.
The Touchstone of Regeneration. Vol. 7, 127-37.
Yea and Amen; or Precious Promises and Privileges. Spiritually unfolded in their nature and use. Driving at the assurance and establishing of weak believers. Vol. 4, 113-49.

On Christ:

A Description of Christ. Vol. 1, 1-31 (Sibbes intended this as an intro to The Bruised Reed).
Christ’s Exaltation Purchased by [His] Humiliation. Vol. 5, 323-56.
Christ’s Suffering for Man’s Sin. Vol. 1, 351-69.
Miracle of Miracles. Vol. 7, 105-26.
The Church’s Riches by Christ’s Poverty. Vol. 4, 489-527.
The Fountain Opened; or The Mystery of Godliness Revealed. Vol. 5, 457-540.
The Rich Pearl. Vol. 7, 253-60.
The Sun of Righteousness. Vol. 7, 165-78.
The Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax. Vol. 1:33-101.

On Second Coming of Christ:

The Bride’s Longing for Her Bridegroom’s Second Coming. Vol. 6, 535-60.
The Christian’s Watch. Vol. 7, 298-305.
The Church’s Echo. Vol. 7, 535-46.
The Coming of Christ. Vol. 7, 306-15.

On Union with Christ:

A Christian’s Portion; or the Charter of a Christian, wherein are laid upon those unsearchable riches and privileges, he hath by his interest in Christ; whom enjoying, he possesseth all things else. Vol. 4, 1-38.
The Spouse, Her Earnest Desire After Christ. Vol. 2, 197-208.

On Communion with God:

Bowels Opened, Being [twenty untitled] Expository Sermons on Cant. 4:16-6:3. Vol. 2, 1-195.
A Breathing after God, or a Christian’s Desire of God’s Presence. Vol. 2, 209-48.
The Saint’s Happiness: Shewing Man’s Happiness is in Communion with God. Vol. 7, 65-78.

On the Conscience:

Antidotum contra Naufragium Fidei et Bonae Conscientiae. Vol. 7, 547-60.
The Demand of a Good Conscience. Vol. 7, 478-91.
The Tender Heart. Vol. 6, 29-43.

On Physical Death:

Balaam’s Wish. Vol. 7, 1-15.
Christ is Best; or St. Paul’s Strait. Vol. 1, 335-50.
The Vanity of the Creature. Vol. 7, 33-47.

On Spiritual Depression:

Discouragement’s Recovery. Vol. 7, 49-64.
The Soul’s Conflict with Itself, and Victory over Itself by Faith. A treatise of the inward disquietments of distressed spirits, with comfortable remedies to establish them. Vol. 1, 119-294.

On Faith:

The Life of Faith. Vol. 5, 357-84.
The Rich Poverty; or the Poor Man’s Riches. Vol. 6, 229-63.
The Saint’s Hiding-Place in the Evil Day. Vol. 1, 401-25.
Salvation Applied. Vol. 5, 385-408.

On Forgiveness:

The Matchless Mercy. Vol. 7, 151-64.
The Saint’s Comforts: An Exposition upon Psalm 130. Vol. 6, 159-80.
Sin’s Antidote. Vol. 7, 261-79.

On the Gospel:

The Success of the Gospel. Vol. 7, 280-87.

On Humility:

The Art of Self-Humbling. Vol. 6, 44-58.
The Church’s Complaint and Confidence. Vol. 6, 181-203.

On Mourning:

The Art of Mourning. Vol. 6, 59-75.
Spiritual Mourning. Vol. 6: 265-92.

On Prayer:

The Knot of Prayer Loosed. Vol. 7, 229-52.
The Spiritual Favourite at the Throne of Grace. Vol. 6, 91-108.

On Repentance:

The Returning Backslider. Vol. 2, 249-435.
God’s Inquisition. Vol. 6, 205-228.

On the Holy Spirit:

A Fountain Sealed. Vol. 5, 409-456.
The Fruitful Labour for Eternal Food. Vol. 6, 357-81.
The Excellency of the Gospel above the Law. Vol. 4, 201-305.
The Saint’s Privilege. Vol. 7, 357-66.
The Witness of Salvation. Vol. 7, 367-85.

On Spiritual-Mindedness:

The Hidden Life. Vol. 5, 203-218.
Mary’s Choice. Vol. 7, 289-97.
The Spiritual Man’s Aim. Guiding a Christian in his affections and actions through the sundry passages of this life.  So that God’s glory, and his own salvation may be the main end of all. Vol. 4, 39-58.
The Power of Christ’s Resurrection. Vol. 5, 195-201.

On Zeal:

Violence Victorious. Vol. 6, 293-314.

* Of course, there is much more there in his Works, but I thought I’d provide these topics and works to whet your appetite.  More information is available by going to Ralph Martin’s A Guide to the Puritans (from which I retrieved this information).