Aiden Clark

Thank you, all, for joining me in prayer for Aiden.  I’ve created a photo set for Aiden on Flickr where I’ll be posting pictures of him in the future.  Here are some I’ve posted thus far.

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6 Comments on “Aiden Clark”

  1. D.L. Kane Says:

    Timmy, Timmy, Timmy! Picture number #7 on flickr is the one! You are in for big trouble with this guy. Hard headed, strong willed, fiesty little spirit. Just look at that pouty mouth and crinkled chin. I think we may be looking at the determination of Ezekiel here (smiling). He’s going keep you accountable and test you at every turn! Praise the Lord for that, eh?

    Get lot’s of sleep, while you can.

  2. Shawn Clark Says:

    Congradulations Timmy, I especially like the name you guys have picked for little Aiden.

  3. ChrisB Says:

    Congrats and good luck! He looks like he’s going to be a handful 🙂

  4. Jason Meyer Says:

    Congratulations Timmy and Dusti! What a gift and treasure from the Lord. May the Lord bless and keep you and your family.

  5. Ashley Poteat Says:

    What a sweet, sweet boy! Praise the Lord for such a wonderful gift! Miss you guys!

  6. Tyler Smith Says:

    Congrats Timmy and Dusti… I’m so very happy for you both.

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