The Need for Evangelism by Mark Dever

The 2009 Desiring God Pastor’s Conference is in full swing, and I love to have been able to attend.  The next best thing is to follow Abraham Piper (@abrahampiper) and Scott Anderson (@anderson_scott) on Twitter and download the audio just hours after the messages are delivered – for free (I have to include the free part to some of my Southern Baptist friends who are still charging an arm and a leg for conference audio these days – sigh).

The first message by Mark Dever is up. It focuses on the need for evangelism and can be downloaded here.  Also check out the live-blogging notes from the DG blog. Nicely done.

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8 Comments on “The Need for Evangelism by Mark Dever”

  1. Dr. Paul Foltz Says:

    if you mean a need to preach the heart of the Gospel, the Doctrines ogf Grace, and the Character of God, yes there is.

  2. Paul,

    No, not necessarily. I don’t think neither Dever or Piper (and myself for that matter) require someone to believe in the doctrines of grace to evangelize. When I was a non-Calvinist, I had someone tell me, “God will never use you effectively in ministry until you are a five-point Calvinist.” This same person had not shared the gospel or led one person to Christ since I had known him (for years). I don’t buy that. And I pray other Calvinists don’t buy it either.

  3. Matthew Svoboda Says:

    Amen Timmy.

    (by the way, have you heard anything about SWBTS firing all of the calvinists? Wade Burleson put it on his blog, but he refuses to give a source)

  4. Dr. Paul Foltz Says:

    Bro. Timmy,
    I didn’t mean that one had to be a Calvinist to evangelize, I was emphasizing the fact that the 5 doctrines form the heart of the Gospel, leaving any of them out is to cut out the heart of the message of God’s Grace to elect sinners.

    I WAS SAVED UNDER AN ARMINIAN MINISTRY. But did not grow until the Holy Spirit showed me these doctrines, in the Word of God.

  5. Matthew,

    I’ve seen it, but when it comes to Burleson vs. Welty, I am going to go with Welty. For such a serious charge, one would think that Wade would be more forthcoming in the defense of his remarks.

  6. Paul,

    I understand what you are saying. The fact is that both Arminians and Calvinists are not as faithful in evangelizing as we should be. We all have a great deal of work to do, beginning with repenting of our hard hearts and closed mouths.

  7. D.L. Kane Says:

    Great address by Dever. Hopefully, this messsage will make many think twice about using that convenient little, guilt pacifying quote that I hear all too often, “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”

  8. Dr. Paul Foltz Says:

    Today, at a funeral, I asked a man how God saved him, he said a man said to him,
    ” Christ loved you, enough to die for you. Now what are you going to do about it/”
    That brought him under conviction, and led to his conversion.

    We never know what we say will be used by the Spirit.
    Although I believe all Christ died for, will be saved, I want to be there, and hear How God used me in the process.

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