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Last week, we had around 55 folks sign up for the Tim Keller Reading Group.  This is a picture of my reader (roughly 250 pages) that I had bound at the local OfficeMax.  Not bad for $5. I’ll be wearing this out over the next four months. If you’re interested and haven’t joined, go here for more information.

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5 Comments on “POTW :: Tim Keller Reader”

  1. Brian Frahm Says:

    Did you have them print and bind for only $5? Sounds like a great deal!

  2. Andrew Says:

    Tim, where did you get the $5 dollar binding and what kind of binding did you get (for instance, a manual? I looked into Kinkos and they were significantly more expensive…



  3. Chris Price Says:

    bump… $5 for what? all? binding?

  4. The $5 was for binding at my local OfficeMax. I had already printed off the docs, so all that was need was the spiral binding and plastic covers which I believe was $4.90.

    If you do everything, the b/w printing is $0.09 (250 pages) and color is $.049 (1 page) with the binding at $4.90. I’m not good with math, but you should get a final price when you add all that up. 🙂

  5. Chris Price Says:

    Went to O-Max day and they said they did not have a coil big enough to bind it. Ha! my wife tried to show them your blog post. i even went with a very thing paper and thinner paper tabs. Oh well. Will try some where else. maybe O-depot.

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