2008 Band of Bloggers Audio (The Gospel Trust)

Just a quick note that the 2008 Band of Bloggers panel discussion, “The Gospel Trust,” is now available on the Band of Bloggers website.

Stay tuned to the BoB blog for more info of the continuing vision of developing a gospel-centered community in the evangelical blogosphere.

Also, in case you have not made it over there already, the audio from T4G08 is available as well.  Be sure to download them all!

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7 Comments on “2008 Band of Bloggers Audio (The Gospel Trust)”

  1. Hey Timmy,
    thanks so much again for all you did with BoB. I really enjoyed it. If anybody’s too lazy to listen to the audio, I posted some of my favorite quotes from the panel discussion over on my website.

  2. Timmy, thanks again for setting up the whole BoB thing. It was an awesome opportunity to meet/connect with blogging folks.

    Oh, btw, I’m down for baked beans whenever you are!

  3. The audio’s great. This is very helpful in discerning. It has much to say about much more than blogging. I wish I had noticed the a day earlier what the deadline to register was or I would have been there too.

    Thanks again timmy. I’ll be practicing my grafiti for my block of the reformed ghetto.


  4. I have to ask, as always: Is there the possibility of a transcript becoming available as well?

  5. D.L. Kane Says:

    A transcript would be wonderful!

  6. Yeah, I think that is needed. Right now, I am over-committed and would not be able to do that myself for some time (at least not until the end of the semester). Anyone willing to take on that task would be greatly appreciated!

  7. dave Says:

    Pleasure to make it to BoB. Thank you for it.

    dave (now back in the UK)

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